Creating a Visual Framework for The Well

Designing an identity system to be used by a small team with tight deadlines and limited resources is a unique challenge. Working within and around these constraints made this a fun project.

My first goal was to enable reuse of graphic material across multiple platforms without further editing. Using one image for social media promos, printed material, and in live presentations is fast, and presents a unified message. In a hacky, guerilla marketing, kind of way.

The second goal I had was to draft a style guide that streamlined graphic content creation, enabling us to announce new services quickly and not have to struggle against our own deadlines.

I built a palette up from primary colors and a selection of humanist typefaces. The visual language seemed to start coming together all on it's own. There is a rich visual history to Christianity, and most is either ignored or represented tastelessly. I tried to find a way to give this familiar imagery a new framework, so that it could be appreciated in a new way.